Audio Book Voice Talents Bring Pulp Stories To Life

Submitted by: Fred Duckworth

Narration in audio books is the act of story telling using the human voice to create emotions, laughter, danger, suspense etc while being faithful to the author s intentions for the story. Each narrator without a doubt is an actor that brings their own uniqueness to the character they are portraying. It is an art form that when creatively done meets or exceeds the expectations of the recipient and keeps them interested and involved in the story.

In stage, movies and television they rely on visual gestures, nuances of not only the character but also with lighting, background scenes and props etc. to create the mood. The voice talent must create the full range and depth of the character by throwing themselves completely into essence of the character and make them come alive with just his or her voice. If you were to see a taping of the narration, you would likely see the actor s entire body in motion as he/she relays the story.

A great story deserves great voice talents! No where is this more evident than the sales of audio books, particularly pulp fiction stories, in the last several years. The resurgence of stories from the golden age of pulp fiction from the early 1920s, have exploded onto the internet and as in old time radio, the theater of the mind has caught up with modern technology and publishers are finding a new audience.


One such publisher, Galaxy Press , has recreated Stories from the Golden Age which contains 153 stories written by L. Ron Hubbard during the 1930s to the 1950s in genres ranging from Science Fiction and Fantasy, Mystery to Thriller, to Air and Sea Adventures and Westerns using his own and fifteen pen names. The print versions include the pulp fiction artwork that originally accompanied the story in the magazine publications. In addition, each title offers a full-cast, unabridged audio theatrical presentation complete with cinema quality theme music and sound effects.

The voice talents include veteran actors such as Jim Meskimen, best known for his roll in Apollo 13 and the Grinch, Martin Kove, The Karate Kid and Rambo, Emmy and Tony award winning Charles Durning, Nancy Cartwright best known for her character Bart Simpson, and the list goes on. These talents along with many others set the tone for each story and one could easily be transported back in time to experience the tale just as the author intended.

Many fantastic writers came from this era such as H. P. Lovecraft, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, L. Ron Hubbard, Issac Asimov, Ernest Hemmingway to name a few. These and many other great writers gave future writers, actors, producers and voice talents etc. material for many of the best story-lines and characters we have seen to date.

While television and movies are likely to remain a staple in entertainment, the story telling in audio books with great voice over talents, have gained in popularity due to lifestyle changes of a very busy population. The long commutes to work can now become an adventure, the endless household chores less tiresome or storytelling bringing the family together are just a few of the ways voice talents continue to entertain us.

About the Author: Fred Duckworth is a passionate advocate of lifelong learning through

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