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A Divorce Lawyer In Mequon, Wi Is An Important Legal Advisor


Are you considering getting a divorce? Maybe you have decided to get a divorce or end your marriage, but don’t know how to proceed. The first thing you must do is obtain the services of a divorce lawyer in Mequon, WI. Talk to him or her about your decision by setting up a consultation as soon as possible.

Family Support

One of the key concerns of divorced couples is family support. This support often takes the form of child support payments and maintenance. If you have never gone through a divorce, and have children, then you probably have a number of questions about this aspect of a divorce settlement. By talking to a divorce lawyer, you can get your questions answered, which will also alleviate some of your worries. By combining both maintenance and child support, each of the parties may receive a tax break, which results in more income for both parties.


Maintenance in Wisconsin is known as spousal support or alimony, and is designed to be equitable to both parties. During a marriage, each of the spouses enjoys certain financial benefits. Alimony or maintenance is designed to ensure that the end of a marriage does not result in an unfair allocation of monies or assets.

When it comes to maintenance, you need to talk to a divorce lawyer for further details, as there is no set formula that is followed. You can refer to and visit website legal platforms for further information and details.

Couples who divorce after twenty years or more are considered to have been in a long-term marriage. When it comes to maintenance, the earning ability of each party is considered. In a medium-term marriage, the court will usually consider the award of alimony for a specific period, especially if there is a disparity of the incomes. If a couple is married for only a short time, then maintenance is not a consideration.

Get all the details and your questions answered before you proceed with a divorce, contact