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A cook book is a guide for all those people out there who want to try out their hands at cooking.Cook books not only help the beginners but they also come in handy for all those people who are adept at the art of cooking.The cook books provide information about not only the procedure but also highlight the techniques and the ingredients which are to be used during the preparation of the dish.There are a number of cookbooks which are available in the market.

Some of the renowned chefs have also entered into the field of writing cookery books.They have brought out innovative changes in the art of cooking and have made these recipes accessible to the popular culture.Celebrities are responsible for creating a wave of change, be it in the field of fashion or for that matter cuisine.The celebrity chefs motivate people to take a new direction for food preparation.Thousands of dishes are being introduced each year by these famous personalities and if any one of them suits our taste preference and choice, becomes a hit.All these books written by the renowned chefs mainly feature the recipes that they have already shown on their television shows.


There is a growing trend among the celebrity chefs to turn into authors and come out with different kinds of cook books.Many of these recipe books are single subject ones as in they focus on any one aspect of cooking.This may be a particular style of cooking, some appliances related culinary tips or a regional and ethnic dish.One subject books give an in depth information about the subject.Some of the well known books by celebrity chefs which can be referred are the Martha Stewart Cookbook by Martha Stewart, Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home by Julia Child & Pepin Jacques, The Wolfgang Puck CookBook: Recipes from Spago and also Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.

Many of the restaurants are owned by chefs who also like to bring out new creations and are willing to share the recipes of the same.This also gives them an opportunity to promote their restaurants as well as the special delicacies developed by them.Restaurant cookbooks serve as a valuable promotional tool as well as a means of earning additional revenue.Some of the prominent restaurants focus on one particular theme and the cook book is also fairly designed on this layout. There are some restaurants which offer only vegetarian food and going by the current trend of people opting for a healthy vegetarian diet, there are some wonderful books which feature these recipes.Chicago Diner: Vegetarian Cookbook by Chef Jo A Kaucher is one such book which has been brought out by Chicago Diner Restaurant and offers the best of their vegetarian dishes.

Apart from this, there are many other cook books which feature regional and ethnic cooking styles and recipes. They feature recipes which are specific to a particular region like the Spanish, Chinese, Thai Food or the French Cuisine.Some of the best recipes could be found in Betty Crocker’s Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know to Cook Today by Betty Crocker.

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