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Submitted by: Gabriel Hoag

Casting calls for Disney channel can be very intimidating. The fear of everybody staring at you as they wait for you to do what it is you are going is what challenges most people. In addition, there is a huge camera facing you. This does not have to be the situation, since you have the power to make casting for Disney easy and swift. It’s true; auditions for film can be very intimidating. Everyone is staring at you, waiting for you to do something. And there’s a gigantic camera pointed in your face. But in reality, movie acting should be done with ease. Practicing a couple of simple techniques and tips will go a long way in making your audition experience much smoother. Here are a few of these tips:


Relaxation is a very vital part of being a successful actor, and is considered as one the most important skills to learn if you are to be a great actor. So much emphasis is on relaxation since the camera notices every little detail. Nothing you do, from blinking and nodding the head to the sounds you make, will escape the camera’s eye. Another important reason why you need to learn to relax is that it helps you to pay attention and react to your partner in a scene. Every great film actor lives by listening and reacting to the director’s commands. At a glance, it might seem easy to relax, but when the director is behind schedule, the pressure usually falls on the actor. Thus, casting for Disney requires you to have the capability to stay calm under high amounts of pressure.

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Ignore the camera

To be picked after the casting calls for Disney channel, you will have to prove that you do not mind the camera. In fact, you might as well get used to the camera sooner than later since for the rest of your life as a film actor, you will always have a camera around you. Even when you are not auditioning or acting, paparazzi will always follow you around. Therefore, it is indeed important to learn to ignore the camera. When the camera has begun filming, imagine that it is just you and your scene partner around. Zoom out everyone else from your view. The director, the crew, the cinematographer, the producer, and everyone else do not exist. It is easy to achieve this. Just focus on the eyes of your scene partner. Eyes are the most vital facial features on film. When looking at the eyes of your scene partner, look him or her in one eye instead of moving from eye to eye. Look at the eye that is nearer to the lens of the camera.

Hit your mark

There is always a mark on the floor during auditions, normally indicated by a black tape. It shows where an actor should stand. This is important since the camera is set to focus at a certain range. If you stand to far from this mark, your image on camera will be blurry.

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