Environmentally Responsible Cooling Systems Torrington Ct

byAlma Abell

In the heating and cooling business, as with every other industry, companies come and go. It seems there is always someone appearing with an exciting new product or plan that they believe will innovate the entire industry.But fancy promises or great new products mean nothing if a company is unable to stay the course and back up their promises and guarantees. What makes a company great is their lasting power. Serving their customers reliably and responsibly, being knowledgeable about the industry and standing behind their products is the mark of a good company. The only way to know this is true about anyone is when they already have the history to prove their abilities.

When you are interested in learning about heating or Cooling Systems Torrington CT contact Quinoco Oil and Propane Company. With a company history that extends back 130 years they have proven their staying power and their dedication to their customers.

They offer a selection of heating and cooling systems. These are available with extended warranties and are designed to be exceptionally efficient. In addition to selling the systems they also install, maintain and repair them as well.

Quinoco’s concern about environmental responsibility is not restricted to just their heating systems. It also extends to their own fuel sales. They offer an oil blend, with no additional cost added, which includes a cleaner burning additive and a plant-based sustainable fuel mixed in. These additives reduce pollution, make the oil burn more slowly and efficiently and increase the life of heating systems.

Their dedication to their customers is not only about offering earth-friendly options. They also have fixed price and budget plans to make the heating season easier for customers to budget through. Rather than facing large oil bills in the winter, customers are able to spread them across the year to make it a regular bill which they can plan for.

If you are interested in seeing more information or contacting them about what they offer for Cooling Systems Torrington CT, heating systems or any other service or product they offer, Visit Website. They have all of their information as well as contact information and online billing available.